Demolition Permit Requirements...

Prior to a residential, commercial, or industrial demolition permit being issued by this department, the following items must be given to this department.

  1. Letter from property owner stating knowledge and acceptance that the structure to be demolished meets his/her approval and all debris must and will be taken to an approved Construction Debris Landfill. (C & D)

  2. Asbestos evaluation letter, prepared by a certified Asbestos consultant. (Commercial & Industrial)

  3. Check made payable to: TRUMBULL COUNTY BUILDING DEPARTMENT for the appropriate cost.

    Residential: $ 50.00 per Building please include a $10 processing fee and 1% state assessment = $60.50

  4. A letter describing how all demolition material and debris will be disposed and what C & D landfill will be used.

  5. A letter describing all site utilities and how the services will be terminated. If a septic system and/or water well exists, then a letter from the Health Department approving the Method of Abandonment will be required.